Blood and Oxygen Flow to the Eyes

Can anything be done for macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration treatments already approved by the FDA are invasive and focus only on slowing the progression of the disease. There is no known cure. However, treatments with the Nova Oculus II investigational medical device, now undergoing clinical trials in Canada and Mexico, are not intrusive and do not involve drugs. Instead, the Nova Oculus II device employs our own patented micro-current therapy. The idea is as old as electricity but is comparable to a modern-day TENS device. It's both cutting- edge in design and technology, lightweight for ease of use and patient comfort, and simple to operate in the hands of trained personnel.

Blood and Oxygen Blood and Oxygen

Nova Oculus

Blood and Oxygen

Blood Flow and Oxygen to the Eyes

One of the Canadian trial's objectives is to confirm our mechanism of action theory: that is, treatment with the Nova Oculus device improves permeability of the blood vessel membranes and cells and allows better oxygen and nutrition delivery to the cells. In other words, pulsed micro-current electrotherapy can re-awaken hibernating cells that impair vision.

If successful, the Canadian and Mexican trials could lead to the commercialization of the Nova Oculus device in those countries for the treatment of dry macular degeneration.